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 100 % to children
 0% deducted
At I-India 100% of your money goes toward directly helping children. There are absloutely no deductions for admin or other expenses.

A little money goes a long way.
Please help.

$1  buys a toothpaste/toothbrush/soap/oil kit for one child

$5  a blanket to keep a street child warm on winter nights

$10  a nutritious meal for 50 children
$15  mattress/bed sheets/pillow for a child

$20  a rug for 50 children to sit on in a street school

$25  a set of games, kites, balls, etc for a 50 child home

 a nurse’s medical kit

education/uniform/books for a street child for a year

$100  a complete set of clothes for 20 children

$250  teaching/learning material for 250 children

*$360 sponsors a child for a year

$500   a 5 day holiday at a hill station for 50 children

$1000  beds for 25 children

$1200  a year’s salary for a teacher or nurse

$2500  a year’s rent for a new vocational centre

$9000 a minibus for transporting children, staff, customers, visitors, supplies, etc